Signing up with online selling platforms e.g. Amazon & Ebay.

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Signing up with Amazon or Ebay

If you are reading this you are probably thinking about signing with either Amazon or Ebay, if you have gone a step further and already tried to open an account then you already know that it is not as easy as it is presented by them. The respective sites are laden with jargon and it is not at all clear as to what they want from you.

At first glance the requirements seem simple, but in fact there are many factors to take into consideration. We are able to advise on the likely questions that you will be asked and the most appropriate answers. Each online selling platform has its own specific requirements, which can include pitfalls for the unwary. 

What do we offer

We offer a consultation service which incorporates a step by step guide to choosing the best option e.g. Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk, eBay.com etc. Having decided that, you may need to establish a company that the e-commerce company will accept (it is best to avoid offshore jurisdictions as banking will become problematic). We can then complete the application on your behalf.

How much will it cost?

Our total fee is £750 which is in two parts:

£250 - initial consultation, non refundable.
£500 - completion of the registration by us on your behalf (per selling platform), this fee is due once you have decided which platform is best for you.

There are no hidden or additional costs. 

Are you looking for an e-commerce solution?

We invite you to contact us for an initial consultation without obligation