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Last updated: Sept 2019

Welcome to TMS Consultants

TMS Consultants Ltd., is a member of the TMS Group, and provides services both to direct clients and professional introducers.   

TMS provides a complete “one-stop solution” for those wishing to optimise their tax position. Our services include obtaining residency in Cyprus and Malaysia.

We also arrange suitable banking facilities e.g. Cyprus, Mauritius, Singapore etc.

The foregoing all form part of our tax planning and structuring service.

Residency & citizenship services

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Residency & Citizenship Services

We offer residency services in a number of countries including Cyprus and Malaysia. Of particular interest to EEA (EU + four other countries) is the Cyprus ‘non-dom’ residency, which allows dividends etc to be paid tax free, and does not have any onerous obligations to obtain this.   Additionally, we can offer fast track citizenship options in Cyprus.

Please have a look at our Residency  page for more information.

Companies without bank accounts tend to be of limited use!... We are therefore pleased to offer banking introductions to a number
of onshore and offshore banks including Bank of Cyprus (Cyprus),  Bank One (Mauritius), OCBC (Singapore), Saxo Bank (Singapore), Millennium bank (Portugal), CIM Banque (Switzerland) amongst others.  Please see our banking page for more information.

We offer general and specific advice on banking matters to provide the best choice for your particular circumstances.

Banking Introductions

Tax Planning & Structuring

TMS offers tax planning and company structuring services including advice on the choice of jurisdiction and company type.
For further information, please see our Consultancy page.

The TMS Group offers a wide range of low and zero tax jurisdictions e.g. Hong Kong, Singapore, Cyprus, Ireland and the UK. It also offers Free Zone companies (themselves tax free) in RAK - UAE and Tbilisi - Georgia; as well as classic IBCs - International Business companies such as RAK IC, Seychelles, St Vincent and others.  

Forming a company in the right jurisdiction(s) is an important decision as mistakes made now could be expensive to correct later.
We will help you/your client, to make the right choice. We try to explore all the potential routes for reducing your client's tax burden.


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Consultancy services

Bank account introduction services